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Josephine’s Experience Becomes a Story

Obituary clipping: Josephine Marsh Huggins Hanthorne c. 1927. Thomas Hughes Papers, Mankato State University, Mankato, MN. Newspaper not identified. ***** Eliza Huggins’s letters, which I transcribed in the previous post in this series about ¬†Josephine Huggins’s 1862 captivity story, told … Continue reading

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Josephine Huggins: “It is impossible for me to name the innumerable blessings”

Sophia Josephine Marsh Huggins Hanthorne 1838-1927. Part three in a series about new documents commenting on Sophia Josephine Marsh‘s 1862 captivity story. ***** Letter “D” Oak Grove Dec 14th/63 Mr. Riggs My Dear friend Your kind letter with the draught … Continue reading

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Eliza Huggins: “We thank you for the trouble you… have had with Josephine’s narrative.”

“Adventures Among the Indians: Narrative of the Captivity and Rescue of Mrs. Sophia Josephine Huggins,” as reprinted in the St. Paul Weekly Press February 12, 1863, page 3.¬† In Rescuing Josephine Huggins, I opened the story of a new collection … Continue reading

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Rescuing Josephine Huggins

Letter “A” St Peter Sep 17/62 Rev S. R. Riggs Dear Sir I am continually thinking of ways to get Sister Josephine out of her present danger we have no team that would be of any use in a flying … Continue reading

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