MHS 1862 Manuscripts

This link is a PDF version of the catalog and the Finding Aid for the Minnesota Historical Society’s Dakota Conflict of 1862 Manuscripts Collection. The manuscripts are available in the Hubbs Room in the Library at the History Center in St. Paul on four reels of microfilm cataloged as M582.

The rolls of microfilm have been digitized by MHS and are also available on the web. Use the catalog linked above to find the location of manuscripts of interest, then go to the PDF of the corresponding roll of film to read: Roll 1Roll 2Roll 3Roll 4.

However, the PDF files are huge and slow to load. For faster navigation, use the on-line version MHS supplied to and choose “Read Online” from the menu in the upper left: Roll 1; Roll 2; Roll 3; Roll 4.

3 Responses to MHS 1862 Manuscripts

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  2. Helene Leaf says:

    I am very excited that the 1862 Manuscripts are now available online. I looked at all four of them, having gotten them through interlibrary loan, but I will be glad to reread them.

    • Carrie says:

      Helene, It is so nice to see you here! Just today I was consulting your Mary Anderson articles because she is one of the subjects in the Minnesota Historical Society’s forthcoming exhibit on the 1862 War. Thank you for sharing your research! If you come to Minnesota this summer, let me know and we can go see your work in the exhibit together :).

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