The Dakota Language

American Missionary Association Dakota odawin  (1879) free e-book

Pond, Samuel W. Wowapi Inonpa (1842) free e-book

Renville, John B. Woonspe Itakihna (1889) free e-book

Renville, Joseph Dakota dowanpi kin (1842) free e-book

Riggs, Stephen The Constitution of the State of Minnesota in the Dakota Language with an Introductory essay by Douglas Hedin, editor of the website:

Riggs, Stephen R. and S. W. Pond The Dakota First Reading Book (1839) free e-book

Riggs, Stephen Dakota A B C Wowapi kin (1866) free e-book

Riggs, Stephen Psalm Wowapi  free e-book

Williamson, John Poage An English-Dakota School Dictionary (1886) free e-book

Williamson, John Poage Oowa Wowapi, Dakota iape en (1883)

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