Sophia Josephine Huggins Story

By Lois Glewwe

“Sophia’s Story: The Captivity of Sophia Josephine Marsh Huggins”

By Carrie Reber Zeman

“Rescuing Josephine Huggins”

“Eliza Huggins: ‘We Thank You for the Trouble You Have Had With Josephine’s Narrative”

“Josephine Huggins: “It is Impossible for me to Name the Innumerable Blessings”

“Josephine’s Experience Becomes a Story”

“Fodder for Pulp Fiction”

“The Remarkable Story of Edward S. Ellis”

“Yellow-Back Gold”

“Meet ‘Mrs. Huggins, The Minnesota Captive'”

“Innocence and Evil”

“In Which Real Indians Are Captive to Dime Hero Wanna-bes”

“The Cultural Work of Pop Fiction”

By Zabelle Stodola

“Many Hands, Many Voices: Writing, Editing and Publishing Indian Captivity Narratives”

Part I,  Part II,  Part III

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