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“A Teton Version of the Santee Massacre”

Year 77, 1862:  “Boy/ a/beside camp/ they come and scalp him/ it being so.” In the Fire Thunder Winter Count, Oglala 1786-1906, Franz Boas Papers, American Philosophical Society. Translation by Ella Deloria. One of the more fascinating presenters I heard in Fargo … Continue reading

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Finding Mabel Hawley

Saturday morning I got up a few hours before dawn to drive to through the first snowflakes of the season. My destination: eastern Wisconsin to meet Vicki. Our agenda for the day: to find Mabel Hawley. “Some things are just … Continue reading

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Early Reviews

Please excuse this first-time author’s grin :). While scholarly reviews of books often don’t appear until a year or more after publication, popular reviews of A Thrilling Narrative are beginning to appear! On 9/18/12, Sandy Amzeen summarized her Monsters and Critics … Continue reading

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Who was Mabel Hawley?

What did people do before search engines? I was alive then, but am too young to remember. Last week, a search for Ella Renville of Sisseton, South Dakota hit on a post I made several weeks ago, “Cincapi” Means “Children.” … Continue reading

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Racial Profiling: 11 years after 9/11, 150 years after 1862

Pop history in the wake of 9/11: Showtime’s Emmy Award-nominated miniseries ran for two seasons in 2005 and 2006: “Sleeper Cell takes you behind the veil of terror networks and into the minds of the agents trying to stop them.”  … Continue reading

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The ABCs of Reading a Primary Text

In Sweden, according to the dear woman who told me the story, her grandmother was derisively branded “läsare”  –a reader —because she read the Bible for herself. In that time and place, the Bible was viewed as the province of the … Continue reading

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“Legislation that is desirable in reference to the Indians:” Riggs & Williamson letter January 2, 1862

Yesterday, September 7, 2012, Dan Olson of Minnesota Public Radio published a Minnesota Sounds and Voices article, “Sheldon Wolfchild’s View of the U.S. Dakota War.” This is the second of two interviews Olson has conducted inside the MHS Dakota War exhibit … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissidence

Pause and think about that :). You never know when you might self-righteously throw down a book and stomp to your computer, even madder that you gave away that great textbook on logic ten years ago, so now you have … Continue reading

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A Fable Agreed Upon, part 3

Timothy J. Sheehan (1835-1913) as profiled in the Albert Lea Tribune in 2011. Sheehan immigrated to the United States in 1850 at the age of 15, an orphaned survivor of the potato famine in Ireland. By 1857, he had settled in Albert … Continue reading

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A Fable Agreed Upon, part 2

Solon J. Buck’s mistake went uncorrected. At the outset, it wasn’t influential. The Bulletin was read by MHS members and collected by libraries. But I doubt anyone lost sleep over an annotation error. Indeed, without any correction, there wasn’t any … Continue reading

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