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“Sins of Omission, Changes of Heart”

I love it when a new book starts out with promise. Last night I started Kathleen Fine-Dare’s Grave Injustice: The American Indian Repatriation Movement and NAGPRA (University of Nebraska Press, 2002). When I encountered this in the Preface, I had … Continue reading

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150 Years Ago: “The Prison Is One Great School”

Slate, slate pencil, and holder, 19th century Saint Anthony Min March 26, 1863 Rev. S. B. Treat My Dear Brother Your letter of the 12th inst. I have read since my reaching home last evening. I had a hard stage-trip … Continue reading

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1862 Letters From Dakota Men Condemned to be Executed

Artist’s depiction of the main Dakota prison at Mankato, MN in 1862 Today, translations of five letters written by condemned Dakota men came to hand. The letters are dated December 25, 1862, the day before the executions. The version I found … Continue reading

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The Gardner Art Heist: Solved?

I first encountered the story of the 1990 theft of masterworks from Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardener Museum two decades after the paintings disappeared, in the “Carrie” stack of my personal bibliophile-shopper (my mom), who flagged Ulrich Boser’s The Gardner Heist: … Continue reading

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The Peace Coalition Coupon

It was so nice to have a full-house audience this afternoon at the Pond House despite the crazy, icy, mud! The coupon code I mentioned is at the bottom of this flyer: 20% off the 2012 edition of A Thrilling … Continue reading

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Thanks, Minnesota! It’s Part of Your Legacy

cross-post from It’s March 12, 2013, the official release date for Pond Dakota Press’s first book, Northern Slave, Black Dakota by Walt Bachman, and I want to say, “Thanks!” to about 500 thousand people. Did you know that if you pay … Continue reading

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The Power of the Written Word

One of the highlights for me of the pre-release weekend for Northern Slave, Black Dakota, was sitting in Gideon and Agnes Pond’s living room talking shop with some of my favorite historians. You know that tip-of-the-tongue phenomena when you lose … Continue reading

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Great Price on Northern Slave

Amazon has a fabulous pre-release price on Northern Slave, Black Dakota right now: $23.07 as of this moment, with free shipping options. Even better, Amazon has copies in stock and is already shipping them. Amazon’s typical pricing strategy is to offer … Continue reading

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