Cognitive Dissidence

Pause and think about that :).

You never know when you might self-righteously throw down a book and stomp to your computer, even madder that you gave away that great textbook on logic ten years ago, so now you have to stoop to using that modern crutch, Google, and type in “conspiracy theory logical fallacy,” click on a likely link, start reading, stumble over “cognitive dissidence” and start laughing so hard you can’t even feel mad any more.

Your brain will not be able to leave it alone:

Compliment: “She was a cognitive dissident.”

Epitaph: “Cognitive dissident to the end.”

Placard: “Cognitive Dissidents Unite!”

Credo: “Cognitive Dissidence Forever!”

Fighting words:”You [insert sputtering]… you, cognitive dissident, you!”

Dedication: “To cognitive dissidents everywhere.”

I’m sure the author meant “cognitive dissonance.” It is an onomatopoeic slip, not a joke.  Still, I’m going to bed laughing, trying to think of bumper stickers.

Like: “Reduce cognitive dissidence: follow the crowd.” 🙂

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