Minnesota Slavery is News

Did you catch Amy Goetzman’s February 22, 2012 MinnPost interview with Walt Bachman?

walt bachman

Walt Bachman, author of Northern Slave Black Dakota: The Life and Times of Joseph Godfrey

““In Minnesota, there were never large gangs of farm workers, or auction blocks. There weren’t those trappings of the worst forms of slavery,” Bachman told Goetzman in a February 20, 2013 interview. “But there is ample evidence of brutality towards slaves in Minnesota, including a slave who was whipped to death by her Army officer master. Slavery, wherever it was practiced, was a pernicious institution, and Minnesota was no exception.””

Goetzman’s article is a great introduction to the story. Join us this Sunday and hear Bachman live as he presents this story publicly for the first time!

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