Excerpt of A Thrilling Narrative

The University of Nebraska Press now hosts a digital excerpt of A Thrilling Narrative. You can read the Table of Contents, a note on our  editorial procedures, and the first twenty two pages of my Historical Introduction.

Warning: The excerpt ends at a historical cliffhanger, maybe on purpose! In book marketing, the excerpt is supposed to entice you to buy the book, or prompt you to suggest your local library buy a copy so you can keep reading :). In either case, the Flyer linked on the “About the Book” tab above contains a description of the book, excerpts from reviews, and a 20% off-cover price coupon.

Unfortunately, the excerpt does not capture any of my co-editor Zabelle Stodola’s Literary Introduction. So let this excerpt from historian Mary Lethert Wingerd’s review be your preview: “Derounian-Stodola gives us an almost lyrical meditation on the meaning of home, homeland, and the connection between place and identity as well as useful cultural context. She writes beautifully and creates an emotional understanding for reading the subsequent text that is unusual in historical works…. [M]y admiration for this work is wholehearted.”

I hope you enjoy the excerpt –and share the link with your friends :).

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