First Anniversary


When I began this blog a year ago, I didn’t really know what I was doing or what niche it might fill in the research world. I only knew that marketing people advised authors to blog and with A Thrilling Narrative about to appear in print, I was an author.

I don’t know if blogging has an effect on sales. But is has been amazing way to connect with other people and their stories, some of which I have sought permission to share.

On this one year anniversary, I’m interrupting the series sharing sources about the leaders of the Peace Coalition in order to share some of those stories, starting with one I never expected hear: what the Minnesota Historical Society was thinking when, a decade ago, it committed an act infamously known in the research community as “the photo purge.”

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2 Responses to First Anniversary

  1. gretchenandwalter says:

    I’ve enjoyed both your book and your blog. Thank you for all the great research.

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